Welcome to Mile Hi Media Inc.

What we do

For the Consumer:  

• We distribute special members only values exclusively promoted through 
  Mile Hi Media
• Deliver great deals and opportunities to work and home

For our Marketing Partners (Businesses):

• We create 1-to-1 direct marketing campaigns that are 100% self-funded
• We introduce local consumers at work and at home to the business
• We build sales and brand recognition
• We invite new consumers while building loyalty

For Our Fundraising Partners:

• We Provide Risk Free No Cost Fundraising
• Earn $1,000's for your school or group
• 2 weeks selling cycle
• High Quality Products
• Earn up to 70% of sales
• We support High School Athletics, Youth Sports And Church Groups  

Find out more
If you are interested in becoming a sales agent, our marketing program for your business or our Fundraising programs for your group, please contact us:
Mile Hi Media Inc.
7900 E. Union Ave. Suite 1100
Denver, Colorado 80237
Office: (303) 357-3220
Mile Hi Media Inc.
A Media Company Specializing In: 
Advertising • Cause & Loyalty Marketing • Direct Sales • Event Marketing & Fundraising