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About Us

Background & Business Activities

Mile Hi Media specializes in the advertising and marketing of Resorts, 
Restaurants, Golf Courses, Day Spas, Automotive Care and other categories 
utilizing unused capacity to fund a self funded marketing program that 

​How do we do it -
We provide a team of professional Brand Ambassadors to market a package 
that is customized for each one of our marketing partners. We then take that 
pre-packaged message directly to the consumer on a daily basis with a 
face-to-face presentation that is designed to inform the consumer about our 
client’s business, stimulate first time new guest trial, and build a frequency program 
whereby we often convert a complete stranger to a proud and loyal customer.

During a typical campaign we utilize an area that is in a circumference that makes 
sense to the individual business, for a resort hotel this may have an appeal of several 
hundred miles where a restaurant might capture the area within a ten mile radius of the location.

Impact -
Most businesses feel the impact of our professional marketing efforts immediately. Since the campaign is completely self funded, the campaign is risk free! We fill
empty space in businesses and provide what everyone needs, revenue and cash

Our client base spans market industries, including Resorts, Golf Courses, Spas, Restaurants, Auto Care and Entertainment.
Mile Hi Media Inc.
7900 E. Union Ave. Suite 1100
Denver, Colorado 80237
Office: (303) 357-3220
Mile Hi Media Inc.
A Media Company Specializing In: 
Advertising • Cause & Loyalty Marketing • Direct Sales • Event Marketing